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Volleyball Digging Concepts and Tips Starting Position A volleyball digger needs to always start in their athletic position. This position will enable a... Kneeds And Hands Position Volleyball diggers need to bend their knees to be close to the ground and have their hands in... Hands On Dig A dig in ...

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To a dig a volleyball means you. prevent a hard hit spike or an attack hit ball from the opposing team by. placing your platformed arms held together and in the path of the ball to. deflect it up in the air. to keep it from hitting your team's court floor.

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hips dropping lower than the oncoming ball eyes focusing on spiker's hitting arm for quick second then keying in on the oncoming spiked ball and its travel path, keeping platform arms straight with no bent elbows and away from the body...closer to the ball making a playable ball 8 -10 feet in the ...

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How to Dig a Volleyball Anticipate and move to the ball Get your forearms under the ball Lean into the ball as you make contact Dig the ball at the midline of your body if you can If you have to reach outside your body, extend and angle your arms in the direction of the target

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A dig is one of the basic moves in volleyball, but doing it effectively is a challenge, especially when attempting to save a hard spike from hitting the ground (or your face!).

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As you are making your dig, here are some things you have to do to produce a solid pass: Produce a quality platform. The plane that you form with your arms may have to be at awkward angles or out of your... Square your platform to your target. Remember where your setter is supposed to receive the ...

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That’s because digging in volleyball is one of the most important defensive techniques. All of the best volleyball teams have players that have their own volleyball digging techniques, and when paired with great ball control, these teams can literally toy with their opponents if their opponents aren’t prepared.

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The dig is one of the most important moves in the game of volleyball. Digging is the act of preventing the ball from hitting the floor on your side of the court. With time, practice, and expert advice anyone can master the skills necessary to execute a good dig.